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Itchy and scratchy

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We have noticed that Rosco itches and grooms (bites sharply in a small area on his body) a lot, everywhere from under his chin to the base of his tail. We think it might be a food allergy and have switched foods for him twice (to Purina Puppy formula and then Iams Puppy stuff), but he still seems to be itching away (although maybe less now that he is on Iams). Does anyone know of any sensitive skin formula puppy food? I saw some adult stuff the other day but no puppy variety.
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I've never had a puppy of my own so I don't know anything about puppy food but we add an Alaskan Salmon Oil supplement to our dogs' food. We got it from Petco (Petsmart has it too, but it's more expensive) and they itch less when they have it.

Talking to your vet about allergies might me a good place to start.

Murray is allergice to lots of things- we had him tested a few years ago and found that he was allergice to dust, grass, etc.- if the summer is hot and humid, his itching and biting gets worse.

We just try to deal with it . Things that have seemed to help over the years are washing his blanket in hot water with no soap, keeping him off the grass on really hot days, adding salmon (or Omega 3 oils) to his diet, adding live acidopholus culture to his food, and eliminating grain and meat from his diet (He's been on Wellness Core Fish and Sweet Potato for over a year).

Last summer when he was biting himself bloody, he got a few cortisone shots. That's a last resort for me though, because I don't like the long term effects of cortisone.

Dealing with his allegies has been really frustrating, and I've accepted that he's never going to be completely symtpom free.

Good luck with Roscoe- that's a cute name!
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Miss Daisy is 6 or 7 years old, 49 pounds, and a house dog. She started scratching and biteing also. Our vet said to add 500mg of fish oil to her food daily. We had some fish oil capsules for my wife that were 1000mg each. Every day we cut a capsule in half and add it to her food. It has been about a month since we started the fish oil. She has for the most part, stoped scratching and biteing. She does not shed near as much as she did. You got to believe that fish oil helps. I would consult your vet as to the dosage for the weight of your dog.

Happy howls to you,

Miss Daisy and her driver, Fritz
Given the age of roscue Fleas are the most liekly culpret. Well this is true for any age dog. Fleas are especial tough this year in many parts of the country with the typical preventives like front line not provide the same duration of protection they once did. Dogs often develop allergy to flea bites which make there reaction much worse. Flea allergy's acout for about 50% of all allergies in dogs.

Contact and inhalent allergies are the next most common with estmates of between 30-40 of allergies. Food allergies onlyu acount for 10% of allergies in dogs.,

Also keep in mind basset are prone to yeast infections which can be extremely itchy as well. Oftena yeast infectition is a sign of an underlying condition but this is not alway the case in bassets. Basset are also prone to a skin condition known as seborrhea which often the a genetic trait in bassets and IMHO underdiagnosed. most basset I know with the condition have the oily variety an oily coat with dandruff.

One alternative treatment that can be good for all three especial since a yeast infection is often secondary cause of itching in all allergies is shampoo Therapy/ That us using a anti-fungal shampoo ever 3-4 days on the dog and i like to follow that up with an anti itch champoo like one containing tree tea oil or coloidal oatmeal. Selsun Blue or other dandruff shampoos that contain selenium Suflfide are an alternative to perscription anti-fungals. The shampoo must remain on the dog for at lease 15 minutes before rinsing. Also keep in mind while there are anti-flea shampoos that will kill fleas leave any shampoo on for 15 minutes will kill feas as well. So the shampoo therapy address at least superficial the major causes of itching in dogs. To truely get at the underlying cause however you really need to see a vet that specializes in dermatology they are best suited to sort out the various cause of itching in dogs.

Find a dermatologist
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