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Some people may remember that my first question about Maggie involved the fact that she was itching a lot and it looked really bad. Some antibiotics cleared it up and when I had to bring her back we discovered she had worms, which was probably why her immune system wasn't working well and she was getting skin infections.

Now she is much better but there is still a spot where her hind leg meets her body where she scratches and has scabs. They aren't infected but some days they are worse than others. This morning they were bad and I washed her with some antibacterial soap that I had from the vet. When she had the problem previously and was itching I bought some bitter apple spray, it did nothing and I'm not keen to use it now. Any suggestions on how to get her to stop itching? I wish I could bandage the area for a while because I feel if it had a chance to heal she might not keep itching it, but it's in such an awkward place.

Any suggestions?

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