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It was FUN!

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And sooooo HOT we all were melting. But we enjoyed the San Diego basset hound picnic today.

The best part was that we got to meet Marcia and her husband and Daisy and Sally. Ruby was soooo good altho soooo hot and stressed out. I think she was the only black basset there.

The minute we got there, all 3 of us got our family picture taken. Don't know by whom but it seemed as tho it was someone from the rescue group. Ruby was a big hit as it seemed as tho a lot of people wanted to take her pics and were ooohing and aaahhhing about an almost black basset.

I took some pics and will post them later on. It was real great to go and next time we'll get there real early and leave B4 it gets too hot. But I have to tell you that seeing all of the bassets run races and do tricks and dress up and most of all, meeting Marcia and Mike and the girls was great.

:D 8) :D 8)
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