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10 days ago, after a long wait, I adopted Benji, a 3 year old basset boy...

And now I have MORE news...

Yesterday morning, Rescue called me again, to say that they have an 18 month old basset boy, who had no name and no home and had been wandering the streets for weeks before someone picked him up and brought him to the centre... and would I be interested in going to visit...

3 hours later... I'm now mum to Rusty, Snoopy, Benji & Henry... Or his new full name Hurricane Henry the Hoover Hound! He's the sweetest cuddliest basset boy, very friendly and affectionate with EVERYONE, and even Snoopy likes him (although he had his "put out" face on all day again yesterday).

Benji's still settling in well, but I think is benefitting from Snoopy being distracted by Henry - those two have been taking it in turns to belly-flop onto each other from the sofa all afternoon....

Pictures of my new Pack later!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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