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Is Your Basset Determined or Just Plain Stubborn?

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Be honest!
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i say stubborn...isnt that the basset way!!!!!
Moe is stubbornly determined. :D

Most definitely stubborn. When I'm trying to get him to do something he doesn't want to do, he becomes stone cold still!!! I'm not talking about anything other than a concrete statue! For the life of me, the only way I can get him to move is to physicallly move him myself. Of course it's always with his hang-dog look and an occasional grrrr to go along with it.
Stubborn for sure. The whole body is made out of Stubborn molecule. :lol:

When Peanut doesn't want to do what you want, she turns her head away or flops over to reveal her "but I'm too cute to do anything you want!"

I was "trying" to walk her the other day, and the neighbors were quite tickled by her stubborness!


Felicia, Peanut and Tarquin (Pippin in Spirit always...and Miles the cockatiel who never came home..)

Definitely stubborn. But I am an enabler.

Every night, Olivia is on the bed, and my wife will tell her to get down numerous times. Most of the time all Olivia does is lay there, though occasionaly she will get up, do a couple of circles, and lay back down. Depending on my wife's patience this can go on for quite some time.

Well, when they are done playing their game, my wife will give me "The Look", at which point I tell Olivia to "Go lay down in your bed." Which results in Olivia jumping off the bed and going to her bed in the corner...this is always followed by my wife saying "See, she loves you more."

I guess my wife and I both enable Olivia as we do this every night...
Oh, George is stubborn all right. His way or the highway. I can't imagine WHO he learned that from! :D As for Olivia, sounds to me like that's become a ritual and I'm betting you enjoy it as much as she does.
Sebi is determined, but he folds like a shirt press in the busiest laundry in town. :D
Stubborn at times, and very determined to do it Bogie's way and only when he is ready. He really reminds me of my son as he grew up.

Bogie is now enrolled in a "Canine Good Citizen" class and when I called to enroll the lady said, "A Basset ?? This should be a challenge!"
Actually he is doing pretty good at this point, (two sessions with 19 other dogs) as long as the treats keep coming.
Yeah, Henry can be stubborn. But he has a dramatic change of attitude when a treat is offered.
Dudley: as stubborn as his "dad" (Me). :lol:

Minnie: as determined as his "mom" (Jeannie, my wife). 8)

When either stubborn one goes up against a determined one, the determined one wins in the end. :roll:
I think that's pretty much the way of the world... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
I think my basset is determinate to be stubborn! so i would say both!
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