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Is there such a thing as a yellow basset?

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I am wondering if you can tell me about recongized colors for the Basset? I am interested in a litter here in town. The bitch is yellow. She threw six yellow's and four tri's. Is yellow a recognized coat and is it desirable for breeding and or show? I would appreciate any info you might have. I have picked a nicely structured tri female but am interested in the yellow coat depending on any info you might have for me. Thanks. Shannon
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There is a color called lemon and white, perhaps this is the yellow you're referring to. To be a true lemon the pups will be almost completely white when young and the color gets a little darker as they age. From what I understand a true lemon is difficult to come by, perhaps someone with more experience can elaborate.

I've heard different definitions of what "lemon" is. Puppies that are born almost white certainly aren't rare, it just depends on the bloodlines you are working with. Lucy (the girl in my icon wagging her tail) was one of those.

There are basically two kinds of red & white bassets, those that are born white or almost white (very pale) and have no black in them at all (these are often called lemons), and those that are born with lots of black and the black mostly clears as they mature, but you can still usually find some black in the coat even if it's only on the tips of the hairs (these are often called mahogany).

I've seen some that are very pale at maturity, those I would call lemon. They are no more or less desireable than any other colour.

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From the AKC website:

Any recognized hound color is acceptable and the distribution of color and markings is of no importance.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you can find photos of the different coat colors.
Thank you. When I looked in the AKC website I only found the info on the Tri. So it isn't yellow, it's lemon. They are very pretty. Thanks!
If you look at the first half of this album you can see how the colour changes from birth in "born white" reds.
Oh, Miriam! Look at all those red and whites! Looks like the whole litter was. You know me and those r/w's.....When was that litter whelped? Looks like the mom was a r/w....what about the papa??
OMG Miriam - I still have trouble believeing that Curry the tank (and Pepper, Sage and Basil) started out as one of those tiny, tiny pups!
Both parents are red & white. They're last year's bunch, born August 22.
Miriam, those are some pretty pups but i am a little concerned over them starting on the booze at such an early age. ;)
But they're not all on the booze, check out the one that's into literature. :D
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