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Is the Board Still Having "Issues"?

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I responded to a post this morning from home under the Adoption and Rescue discussion. Now that response is not showing, and for that matter neither is the original post from House of Puddles and the first response from Steinar. What's up with this stuff?

Janet 'n Twinkie
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I noticed the House of Puddles post was gone, too. I just assumed they didn't want rescues posting about charitable events and deleted it. If anyone would like information about it, they can email [email protected].
I suppose that could be it, but I wouldn't think so. Don't they usually let you know when they've deleted a post and why, so that you don't make the same mistake again? I've seen posts about upcoming waddles and such, so I don't know what the difference would be.

Anyway, HOP does a great job for the seniors. There's another way to give to them or to your favorite rescue (and many other "people" charities). Use igive for your Internet shopping. They have over 600 everyday stores as members and once you sign up, if you Internet shop a lot (and who doesn't at this time of convenient), the donations to the charity you pick will add up quickly. HOP is my igive charity!

Janet 'n Twinkie
Topics comes and goes,
probably without someone deleting them. :blink:

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Thank you, Janet. We do get checks almost monthly from, usually around $50-$60. Every little bit helps!
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