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Is she ready??

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I have an almost six-month-old female basset. At some point, we want to bring home a male companion for her and eventually breed the two dogs. What age should my pup be before I bring home a new one? Is two puppies too much at the age my girl is now? Thanks for all the help!

Mother to one beautiful basset,
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She is waaaaaay too young, bassets should not be bred before they are at least two years old. Right now it would be like an 11 year old girl having a baby. Sure she can, but it's not good for her.

And there's no point in buying your own male, there's no guarantee that he will be suitable for her once they're full grown. If your girl is of breeding quality, there are many top quality studs available for far less than the cost of buying, feeding and caring for your own male. And if the stud owners refuse your female, then she's likely not of sufficient quality for breeding anyways.
Thanks for all your help. I do understand that she is too young. I have no intentions on breeding her at this age. My husband has previously bred Bassets before, and we plan to wait until she's around two years old to breed. My main reason for wanting to bring home another pup is for Karalina to have a companion, a playmate. I was just wondering how old she should be before I introduce another pup into the house?
11 year olds having babies? i thought that was common in West Virginia!!!!!! sorry i just couldn't help myself!!!!
unfortunately, that's not only in west virginia... it's everywhere we look. and i'm not sure it's funny.
Please don't take this wrong but here are the things about breeding that I don't know if you know. I know it may sound like I'm putting you through the wringer,but I'm just trying to be sure you really want to do this,ok,ok. You can bring another puppy in any time,be aware if you do get a male you will need to keep them separated during her first,second,and third heat.A heat cycle is about 2 weeks coming in and 2 weeks going out,all the while you will not get much sleep at this time because the male will put up a fuss to be with her. For the duration they cannot play together,eat together,or be alone together at any time. Do you have a pedigree? There should be a few Champions in at least the 2nd generation. Although you may not be breeding for show puppies these are often your healthiest dogs. Champions past the 3rd generation doesn't count,they don't have any influance on the gene pool. She should be tested for hereditary and genetic problems before being bred,as should any male you would use for breeding. Check the BHCA website for descriptions.Some of the things are ,glaucoma,VWD(Von Willebrands Disease)and Thrombopathia(both bleeding disorders)and thyroid. Once she is old enough to breed evaluate her temperament,and get shots before breeding her(not while in heat,about a month before she is due)so she has lots of antibodies to pass to the puppies for protection. These dogs do not always breed naturally,you may need to help them. Has your husband delivered any litters or had to help a Dam who was having trouble? Someone will need to be with the mother and puppies for the first 2 weeks 24hours a day so she doesn't step or lay on them and to be sure they are eating ,and that she doesn't get infected milk,in which case you must pull the puppies from her and bottle feed them. You must then be prepared to get first puppy vaccinations and wormings. What if all the puppies do not have homes right away,are you prepared to keep one or two till they are past 3-4 months old,continuing the vaccinations etc. I can tell you from experience,if I had charged a price for my puppies that reflected all the time ,just the time,I had put into them,no one would have been able to afford them,not considering the money it costs to raise a healthy litter (lets say 7)to 8 weeks of age.(I never let a puppy leave till at least 10 - 12 weeks of age) Then,interviewing potential homes takes up alot of time too. Will you give a health guarantee of a year or just several days? Temperament guarantee? Replacement? What if down the road they can't keep the puppy,(who is not a puppy anymore)will you want it back? Consider all these things for the betterment of this breed.
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You have given me a lot to think about, and I appreciate that. For now, one question: When I have to keep the pups separate, would diapering my female work (I've been told of things such as Fancy Panties for dogs)? Thanks again, and I will take all your points into consideration before becoming a breeder.
Have you done a full check on her pedigree and on her to ensure there is no glaucoma, Von Willebrands Disease, thrombopathia or other genetic disorders common in poorly bred bassets?

If you haven't and don't plan to, then everything else is moot because it would be highly unethical to even consider breeding her.
Pointegirl, being we all luv puppies,I understand your eagerness to spred the luv,but agree with the others it needs careful consideration being Bassets seem to be commonly returned. Unfortunately everyone does not find their mischief to be as endearing as we crazy people find it! :D And should you get a male, do not think any diaper or pant will deter him!!!after all he is a male! LOL
Again, thank you everyone for your information and things I hadn't thought of... After considering everything, I've decided to purchase another female for Karalina's companion friend. This way I can still have two puppies but won't yet have to worry about keeping them separated.
Your so lucky to have two pups. When you get your gtrl, post a picture!
Update everyone: We're bringing home our new Basset tomorrow. She's 14 months old and just a few hours from here. Her now parents call her Paige. We'll continue to do that! Will post pictures soon! :D :D
Unless you have top quality, genetic disease- free, quality DNA Bassets, you should adopt, not breed, Bassets. Check out all the Basset rescue sights for the numerous Bassets looking for forever homes. If you really want to breed for the betterment of the Basset Hound as a breed, get a mentor (someone who has been a breeder and done all the homework amd heartbreak for years) and folow their advice. Belinda.
Here she is:

McGraw's Favored Virginia "Paige"
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Paige has a great!! face. She's beautiful!! Congrats on adding her to your family.
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