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I have started a small business and have some great dog suppliments for all dogs and some senior dog suppliments that have some wonderful testemonies. My sister being one of them, she has a dog kennel and she feeds her dogs these suppliments to keep kennel cough down and the senior dog supliments she gave a few of her older dogs who had trouble walking and within days they were walking much better by the time thier owners came to get them they wanted to buy the supliments to give thier dogs. Guess a lot of people with show dogs are using this stuff too.
I just signed on so i haven't gotten my dogs on it yet but am going to order some for myself. My Other sisters son got a pup and he got real sick and he called the breader and all the pups were sick with parvovirus and they gave him the suppliments and he got well. These are all natural.
I hope i can do this if i can if anyone is interested let me know and will give more info.

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I might be interested in the senior dog supplement. Max occassionally has a problem with a limp in his right leg and hip, although much better due to natural meds from Whole Food. What does the senior supplement consist of? Max will be eight next month.


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the company is called conklin they sell just about everything, but am mainly cocentrating to the animal supplements

this enhances digestion,impoves stamina and hair coat. It helps build strong foundation for a lifetime fo canine well-being and companionship. microbial pack cantains lactic-acid producing bacteria,yeast cultures, died chicory root and enzymes to nourish your dog and maintain digestive track. THIS IS ABOUT 23.15 pluse shipping and tax where applicable.

enhances we-being and stamina in active dogs. Supplies additionaal neutrients at levels not found in most dog foods premuim formula privdes A,D,E,K,Cand B-complexand linoleic acid.
THIS IS 24.90 PLUS SHIPPING AND TAX. (you are only giving one supplimet a day so at 60 tablets it is two months worth.)

then we have SENIOR DOG SUPPLEMENTS this is a unique product developed for aging dogs and dogs experencing joint challenges. special formula provides all the nutrients of adult dog supplement,plus glucosamine HCI and chondrotin sulfate. 60 tablets THIS IS 34.30 plus shipping and tax.

there is canine treats, puppy pack and senior dog pack, which contains suppliment and microbial supplement and treats for 72.90. plus shipping and tax.

there also is a canine microbial gel provides added support for puppy development and dogs experiencing challenging conditions. Benifits reported included better digestive health and improbed resistance during challenging periods
this is 12.35 plus shipping and tax.

there is cat supplements aslo(and horse too)

the web sight is but of course you can't order form them unless you sign up to be a small business owner , but you can see what they have.
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