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I don't think it's just you ... I've noticed a bit of touchiness going around and I've limited my posting due to it as well ... didn't want to set anyone off and in some cases best thing to do is bite your tongue (or keep the fingers off the keyboard) hehe

That said I've noticed I've been a bit touchy myself lately ... I don't -think- it's come accross in any of my postings yet but I know I've felt it.

I think a combination of spring fever and this moving thing and the chaotic state of my place (boxes etc) as well as lack of sleep etc etc has me a bit on edge ...

So if -I've- been touchy at all I do apologize - I don't intend it... and if I haven't then great! I guess I'm still keeping it together! :)

Now where's the chocolate?... teehee
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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