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Is it Just Me?

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Is it just me or does anyone else think that people have been rather touchy lately? Maybe it's in the air. Think Spring, folks! ;)
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Whattaya talkin' about?? who's touchy?? What kinda remark is that? What's that supposed to mean? I'm not touchy!!! You try to live through 6 months of a Saskatchewan winter, then we'll talk touchy!! And not only that, my back is killing me, and another thing, my son just phoned and...

Wait a minute, did you say spring?? As in melting snow, and actual sunshine? And little robins, and blades of green grass sprouting up?
sigh. :) Come on Bo, we're going for a walk!

Tee hee hee hee :D
I don't think it's just you ... I've noticed a bit of touchiness going around and I've limited my posting due to it as well ... didn't want to set anyone off and in some cases best thing to do is bite your tongue (or keep the fingers off the keyboard) hehe

That said I've noticed I've been a bit touchy myself lately ... I don't -think- it's come accross in any of my postings yet but I know I've felt it.

I think a combination of spring fever and this moving thing and the chaotic state of my place (boxes etc) as well as lack of sleep etc etc has me a bit on edge ...

So if -I've- been touchy at all I do apologize - I don't intend it... and if I haven't then great! I guess I'm still keeping it together! :)

Now where's the chocolate?... teehee
Well... considering my alarm didn't go off, I spilt milk all over me this morning and had to change and it is raining again(after snowing on Saturday)... I am not in the best of moods. But I must admit before I left the house and really in a bad mood, I had to stop and kiss my beautiful hounds all blissfully asleep. Sabian was sleeping on the couch with his head on a pillow (naturally), Pearly in the chair, and my Beau sleeping in his bed. My hounds do decrease my stress but I really hope spring hurries up this year!
from Ruby the philosopher:, "mommy and daddy have been real tired and somewhat cranky because of the move into MY new doghouse. I've been real cranky because I have diarrhea and all my mommy and I want to do is sleep. But we both can't because of my tummy. Maybe every two-leggers should stop and hug the basset(s) and smell the bassets (instead of the roses). Then everyone would remember that life is too short to not be covered with basset hair!"
Very good points Ruby!
That Ruby sure is one smart basset.

Susan and Wilson
I love that! ...Stop and smell the bassets! That Ruby IS the smartest! yvonne
Is this smartness a basset thing I feel really stupid trying to train a basset
Nope, it's not just's ALL OVER...half the time I'm afraid to say a thing for fear of setting off someone else, including myself! LOL I think we're ALL ready for some sunshine and green things growing. It's been a long, stupid winter and I'm ready to go outside for awhile. :D

I did stop & hug a basset today, and I stopped to smell the basset, too, since my face was buried in her super-soft neck fur, and roses aren't in bloom yet. :D Hang in there, they are trainable...when they want to be! LOL
:eek: Seriously, I've been thinking exactly the same thing lately! Take yesterday... I'm having a pretty good afternoon with the kids so I decide after swim lessons to stop by a local gas station/ minnie mart to fill up the car and buy ice cream for the kiddo's. I put the nozzle in the tank and flip up the little thingy that starts the gas pumping. Nothing happens. I flip it on again and wait. I can hear the little chime sound from inside the store that is supposed to alert the cashier that someone is at the pump so I wait some more. Still not a drop of gas. Ours is the only car in the tiny parking lot so I know the cashier isn't waiting on other customers but still, I patiently wait. The kids are now cheerfully shouting their ice cream flavor requests at me from within the van-faces pressed against the windows. They are wondering what is taking me so long. I decide to go in and see if the cashier is aware that she has a customer waiting for gas. I walked into the store and didnt see anyone so I called out "Hello!"
No cashier. The store is tiny. I could see through the few short isles from the opened doorway and the store looked deserted. I was now slightly worried that the store may have been left unattended with the door wide open so I called "Hello?" a few more times with no response. As I was standing there wondering what I should do or if there is someone I should call an extrememly harried looking woman came bursting out from a tiny side door that I had not noticed before(it was behind a rack of chips).
I smiled at her and tried to hide my surprise and relief that someone was actually working there after all. I politely told her that I was trying to get gas but the pump wouldn't run.
She glared at me as she sort of flounced her way behind the counter and snapped "I know, I turned it off!"
Thinking there might be something wrong with the pump I mumbled something like "Oh, It's not working?"
And this is where the woman nearly took my head off- Like she was furious at ME for wanting to actually buy gas at a gas staion! Sheesh! :eek:
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She was probably embarassed or upset that she got caught away from the counter; and she probably had no idea how long you'd been standing there looking for her--I can just imagine what went thru her head when she saw you! Gosh, someone could have had a hay-day shoplifting while she was in back! But it's no reason to bite YOUR head off. :)
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