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Introducing Dr. Gordon Freeman!

Hi everyone, this is my Basset hound. He is about 1.5 years old and all kinds of trouble. Hope I can hang out with you guys for awhile, got several questions and stories.

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Troubles?!? Impossible with such a cute face!
The look on his face suggests he's telling everyone "Don't mess with me Buster!" Great pic and welcome.
Welcome! Quite handsome :)
What a handsome hound! He sure is a cutie, don't know how you could be having any problems with a face like that?!

Welcome from Mollie, Maggie and Jen!
Welcome! He is a cute boy! yvonne
Wow, look at those feet! He is wonderful. Welcome!
Arlene and Opus.
Welcome!!! WE look forward in hearing about the adventures of Dr. Gordan!
BTW whenever my Basset Claire has her lip "caught" in her teeth like he does, I politely ask her to "fix her lip" :D :D
She just looks up at me like I am the biggest dope in the world! It must be BASSET thing because she has her lip like that alot!
OMG just look at that face! :D

What a wonderful picture! Looking forward to more pics and stories -- welcome!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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