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My name is Anne Dowson. I am not owned by a Basset Hound, but I used to be, a long time ago (it seems like ages ago). My family and I used to be slaves to a sweet sweet girl named Baby. We all lived together in NH. A long story short, we had to find a new forever home for Baby. She went to live with a lovely couple I think in West Virginia(?).

Sadly, I cannot remember the couple's name. We all kept in touch for a while, but at some point, we lost touch, and this couple's information. I knew Baby's new father from the Bassetopia boards. I THINK his name was DJ, or JD .

My now ex husband asked my (now) grown daughters if I knew whether Baby is still alive, or if she has gone to the rainbow bridge. This was an odd question, since I was thinking about her myself just a few days ago! It has prompted me to try and find this couple, or to see if anyone here knows them, and pass a message along that we are wondering.

I really wish I had more to go with. I DO know that they were already owned by two droolers named Fiddle and Banjo. They changed Baby's name to Mandolin, calling her Mandy for short, so it would keep her name in the lines of a musical instrument with a nickname that would sound close to her original name of Baby. I also know that they adopted another drooler that they named Dulicmer.

Yes, it IS strange that I would remember their names, but not the names of the couple who adopted her. (I think it was easy since the Bassetts were all named after musical instruments). That is sad, I know. I am really embarrassed to have to confess that, but we still think about Baby and wondered if we could get some news, even if it is sad.

If anyone could help, I'd really appreciate it. Even if you just pass a message along that someone is asking. Thank you.
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