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Counterconditioning and desensitization is the process you need to go through how that plays out with each dog is a bit different

first you need a good understanding of Calming signals because they are stress indicators as well.

. with separation anxiety
1 you want to make departure and arrivals less momentous and predictable which mean changing up routines and wait a few minutes till the dog calms down before greeting it when arriving

2. practice leaving and departing for very short durations.,

3. Depending on the stress level of the dog pharmaceuticals may be required to reduce anxiety to a level where training and behavior modification have a chance of working. beside prescriptions we have had good success with Quiet Moments w/hemp seed It is also good for noise sensitive dog.

4. Soothing Separation Anxiety - SF SPCA
With the other dog you want to introduce the dog to other at considerable distance , a distance that is shows no stress and start rewarding the dog so the present of other dog represent good things are about to happen, over time you decrease distances etc. Cautious Canine is a good little reference on counter conditioning and desensitization, and the specific examples deal with stranger phobias
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