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Hi I am happy to join this thread. I have 2 basset hounds that are both 3 years old who I love dearly. I got Sniffy my female as a puppy and she is has what appears to be bad separation anxiety. Thankfully I am at home with her most of the time. Hoover is my rescue basset who had been rehomed two times prior to my getting him. I don’t know much about his previous situations. He is very nervous around other dogs, cats, people and any new situations. He paces and barks and is very difficult to handle. He is fine with me and my husband and Sniffy. i would love to have tips on helping not be so anxious. His vet gave him trazadone to help him when he goes for vet visits and other times he is very anxious but I only give it when absolutely needed.
I appreciate any helpful ideas you might
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts