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Hi Everyone, I’m Laura!

I just joined the community, and I’m really excited to learn and participate in everything that is going on here. My boys are not full Bassets, they are mixed with Lab (Bassadors), but we are hoping you will still accept us, as we are, into your community.
About the Family:
I’m 36, and a Business Professional, who works from home. My husband is slightly older, and is a practicing Physical Therapist in the area. For the last 4ish yrs, we’ve been here at the beach in FL. We consider ourselves “dog people,” feel very passionate about supporting rescues, and turn there 1st when we want to make additions to our small family.
Our Boys:
Bo, our 1st rescue, was adopted at 3 mth old, and was a bloodhound/lab mix. He had an amazing temperament, was intelligent, and was incredibly handsome. Unfortunately, he had quite a few health issues, most serious included Parvovirus (discovered a few days after adoption), hip dysplasia/knee replacement, congestive heart failure and heart arrhythmia. We loved, and were grateful for every day we got to spend with our, Bo - which made his passing in Aug ‘20 at 8y/o, so devastating.
In Oct ‘20, we found our 2nd and 3rd rescues, 2, 7 mth old, male Bassadors (Basset/Lab Mixes), who we renamed Ren & Stimpy (they have since acquired a few nicknames). Yes, they are littermates, but I was unaware of potential issues this could cause, prior to their adoption (nor did the rescue group feel it necessary to inform us).
The boys have spent a year and 3 mths as part of our pack, and turn 2 y/o in March. It’s been quite an adventure so far, learning about the 2 breeds (sep & when combo’d), littermates, their behavior toward each other, their interactions with us (gen & unique), and everything that makes them unique and different from each other. Although they do look similar, they could not be more different from each other. Ren is our short man, who looks most like a Basset, and Stimpy is taller, looking more like a lab (in the face).

Sorry for the length of this intro, we’ll keep it shorter in the future. Glad we found this community, and look forward to your help and support in shaping Ren & Stimpy into fine Bassador gentlemen!

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