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Introducing "Priscilla & Zippy"

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They are here! Everyone is getting settled in. Priscilla has already made herself at home. Zippy is still sizing up the situation. Both dogs are adorable and sweet as pie. Rusty & Stickers welcomed them with much excitement!! I'll post many more photos and videos over the next couple days!!




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They are beautiful!. :)
I can't imagine anything better than a house full of beautiful Bassets!
Wow, what gorgeous and beautiful dogs! :wub: Love that paw shot!
Wait a minute--where's Wilson?!? We were promised Wilson. I've been waiting with baited breath for his arrival!!! (Not that Priscilla and Zippy aren't adorable, but Wilson is, well, Wilson.)
Beautiful eyes and wrinkly skin. That bloodline yields the most beautiful faces and the dominant colors. You have Royalty living with you and to visit too!
They are beautiful, Patti! Priscilla has such a gentle expression on her face. I'm sure Stickers and Rusty have welcomed them with sniffs and slobbery kisses. Enjoy the fun and I can't wait for more pictures of the pack!!
Well, their owner thought that Priscilla could use a visit to a new place. Just for the experience. She likes to give everyone a turn and makes a huge effort to expose them to new situations. Wilson had been here for over a month and Priscilla never was. All her dogs are great, so it didn't matter who I got! I knew I'd be happy :D :D

BTW: She did bring Wilson along so we could see each other again. I was greeted with affectionate slobbery kisses :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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