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Introducing Kat & Dee

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Hello All.
I am so happy to have found somewhere I can talk Basset. I would like to intrduce myself and my daughter. My name is Kat and this is my little girl Dee, or if you want to be formal Ch. Beauchasseur Free D'lite. She is a 3 year old tri and an ex show dog. Dee went in for breeding last Christmas and got an infection and had to abort the litter and be desexed, which is why she is now living with me and our cat Frankie. I say "our" as the Basset now runs the house and nothing is "mine" anymore which I am sure you are all familer with.
I have never been part of a forum before so please bare with me if I don't know what I am doing.
I really look forward to chatting to everyone, and i really should shut up now and get some photos downloading.
Kat & Dee...


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Thank you all so much for welcoming Dee and I into the forum, you are so kind.. :p
I was wondering if anyone can help me with something. I am trying to download more photos but it says that i don't have any space left? How can i get more space, I have some cute Basset pics to share..

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Attachment space used 496.28k of 500k Max. single upload size: 3.72k

This is what it is telling me.. HELP!!!!

Hi Kaira,
Welcome from Australia, Dee weighs 23kg. Is that normal for a basset??
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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