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Floyd's a cutie and from the looks of those short nails, had frequent nail trimmings in his previous home and probably was taken care of very well.

Nine hours IMO is too long for him to stay in a crate right now. I'd start with letting him out during your lunch hour, potty, drink, some playtime, another chance to potty, and then back in the crate with a snack. After making sure he can go this long without accidents in his crate you can gradually increase the time you come home during your lunch hour, if you have that flexibility. I wouldn't leave him with water-I don't think my dogs ever drank any water until I was home anyway.

If he starts having accidents then I would consider having someone come in during the day or doggie day care. The other option would to put him in a gated room like the kitchen with his crate door open and papers near the door where he can potty. The only downside to this is his housetraining may digress but it's still not as bad as having the poor boy pee or poop in his crate. As he's only about a year, there's a good chance he hasn't been housetrained all that long.

From the looks of him, and considering he is only about a year old, he could probably use 3 meals a day. No comment here please, Mikey T.

Enjoy your new boy! :D
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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