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Introducing Bliss

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Here's our new family member, Bliss (Crossroads Bless Your Heart). She is a retired show dog, age 4, who has 6 points toward her championship, but her breeders decided not to finish her. She is now spayed and a member of our pack! She is very sweet - Rocky & Sally seem lukewarm towards her, but there hasn't been any aggression, and Sally actually did the basset 500 with her once. We have had her since Tuesday the 12th. She had never seen a cat until she came home with us - as you can see, she is not bothered by them and seems to have no desire to chase them. Our cats are very dog savvy anyway - the dogs can bark in their face so hard the whiskers blow back, and the kitties stand their ground. At some point I would like to try agility with her - she seems very athletic and has lots of energy. For now, she is settling in very well.

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She's gorgeous! She looks so smooshy and cuddly!
She looks so sweet and pretty. I hope she continues to warm your home.
Bliss is a beautiful addition to your pack. She looks like she is in Basset heaven and already a lap Basset!!! :D
Bliss is beautiful and looks like a great addition to your home.

Very pretty girl. Judging by the expression on her face, her name suits her very well ;) ...
Thanks everybody! Walking three at a time is, well, interesting :rolleyes: but it's going pretty well with Bliss on a splitter with Rocky. Their gait is pretty similar.
The good news is that she is reliably housebroken even without the crate. Gotta love that!
Bliss is BEAUTIFUL! Looking forward to seeing all of them (and you too!) soon!

Janice and little Ruby
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