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introducing a new dog

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My owners would like to give me a new friend.
I would endlessly look for their attention which they cant give me 24/7 (obviously they need to sleep) and would be wondering if this would be a good idea?
would it calm me down much would it encourage me to have sing songs with her at stupid o'clock of the night?

Genuine answers would be appreciated
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Bassets generally do better with more social companionship so if you work out side the home etc there is less speperation anxiety, and destructive behavior associated with it including barking if they hav a buddy with them. That said it does not always work that. way. When it comes to barking dog tend to feed off one another. there is more need to alert bark to let the other know sumething is up etc.

as far as Stupid o'clock barking in my household that is reserved for the harrier. who rarely barks but does have late night howling and none of the other dogs join him there are no gurantees because a lot depends on the invidual dogs and their interaction but in general basset do better when they are not the only dog.
we adopted our basset as a companion for our lab. We felt our yellow lab was looking for a friend, and we were right! You must be careful in selecting a new friend for your current dog. We looked online and went to a few kennels, we even brought our lab to meet a few potential new friends.We didnt like how some of the dogs were interacting with our lab, so we passed, none of them were bassets.
After going to 3 kennels, my wife had mentioned she always wanted a basset, so the search began. We really lucked out with Fred, our basset.We watched how he behaved with other dogs at the kennel where we got him from, and he was very easy going.There were many labs and beagles in the kennel with him, but he took to us right away.We introduced Fred to our lab outside of our house, not inside the home.It just seemed like the right thing to do, it made for a calm, non-stressful greeting. We also think that a male/female combination has worked out well for us. Both are spayed/neutered as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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