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hiya all
we've a 17 month old male basset named bandit or as I affectionately call him "beastie"

to try and keep a long long story short
bandit has epilepsy currently we have his seizures under control with Phenobarbital
however he itches horribly this started after he was put on pheno basically when its gets bad we give him benadryl which helps abit also ill use a hydrocortisone spray to relieve things a bit faster

I can live with the constant chewing we've all learned to distract him to keep him form mutilating himself(gosh that really sounds so bad doesn't it)

here is the real problem
he had a breakthrough seizure about 3 months ago which left him with a little brain damage(before this he used a dog door)
since this seizure he has gone through every fencing we ca get up he wither buts through it( heavy duty hog wire meant to keep in COWS) or he eats it(everything that isn't metal**well unless he can fit it in his mouth**)

I homeschool my 3 kiddos so we are home during the day
you'd think the solution would be to let him out only when we are with him to potty
big problem he wont go in front of us
poor dog held it until he dribbled one day and I went inside to give him some privacy so he could go and he went
he ran to the fence and chewed at it while he was relieving himself

has anyone ever dealt with such a head strong dog

what he heck did you do...

my dh(who is Mr. beasties favorite human ) is away for business (just a 3 day trip) and the dog has been incorrigible
howling and baying and PEEING on the couch

help please??


thanks loads


on heck of a hi how are ya intro i know but i only just found this forum today

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Welcome to Cyberhound. Sorry to hear about the problems you're having with Bandit. Your vet of course is your best source for information about diagnosis and treatment-no one here is qualified.
Did your veterinarian rule out medical conditions that might be causing the seizures such as brain tumor or liver shunt?

I'm wondering if the reason Bandit isn't using the dog door and chewing on fences is that he's blind following his last seizure. Or he may have forgotten how. Whatever the cause I would train him all over again. Maybe you could try putting him on a tie out in the fenced in area so he can't reach the fence to chew on it?

Here's a website called "All you ever wanted to know about Canine Epilepsy " which has a lot of resourses. There is also a link to the Epil-K9 email list. I joined this list briefly years ago and thought there were a lot of people practiciing veterinary medicine without a license so keep in mind that your vet is still your best resource.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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My dog has epilepsy but nothing like this has ever happened to him. I would ask the vet (if you haven't already) to see if there isn't a different type of medication that could be given so your dog will stop itching.

As for the peeing and fence chewing the only thing I can suggest is that you tie him up so he can't reach the fence and he can go without you watching.

Best of luck I know how hard this is :(


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Thanks to y'all who were able to offer thoughts and heck just good wishes

I suppose I should have been more clear in my post ... but I was trying to be brief and he had a rough day (and so had I)

the day after I posted Bandit started having seizures again but before my post he had been seizure free since just a bit before Christmas 06

he hasn't forgotten how to use the dog door the peeing only happens when we have the dog door closed
basically thought we've found with observation that he is peeing in the house(not just the couch .. a few of the kids fessed up and said they had cleaned up several potty accidents of the liquid variety as of late w/o telling me I suppose they didn't want the dog to be in trouble) when he is left alone if someone is not in the room with him at all times(did I mention I homeschool and have 4 kids... you'd think someone would always be with him wouldn't you... but if he isn't getting enough direct attention its the same thing) he either pees or if he is outside eats either his harness or chews on his tie out chain(I despise tying him out)

I think his behaviors are related to the brain damage he incurred after the last bout of seizures, which were much more sever than the ones he had in the past

as to his Vet
we are in a very small area and are actually blessed to have 2 vets
unfortunately neither one is very technologically advanced
we've ruled out everything but a liver shunt or brain issues...
I just don't have access to a place that can diagnose these things

his seizures stated when he was 7 months old and have progressively gotten worse

I suppose before this last breakthrough episode I was hoping for some magical..*I know how to deal with that*
I know in reality we are doing what we can for him
the kids and I are just going to have to alter our daily routine and somehow make sure he knows we see him and that we aren't ignoring him while we do our studies and go about with day to day things...

I also realize that his life span is limited this last bout of seizures have been very hard to get under control and the vet has brought up the possibility of putting him down
she knows how I feel
he is the first dog in along long time that wasn't a rescue... we just couldn't resist his beautiful face when we saw him as a puppy....
we've committed to him for life and as long as we can give him a quality one we will do so
but the poor guy has been miserable these past few days

his phenobarbitol has been upped to 3*60Mg tablets twice a day(after blood work to check his level)
hopefully this new dosage will manage him
but I wonder what kind of dog he will be after this bout is over...

boy I wish I had found you guys before all this... ive looked at a few posts here and there and you all certainly have some fine looking roo roo dogs(the 5 year old says he liked that name better than basset hound... he has enjoyed looking at the pictures as well)

thanks again for your thoughts

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No advice, but wanted to send my best wishes to all of you. Bandit is very clearly loved by all of you, which is the most important thing any dog could hope for.

Whether long-term or short, I hope the quality of life you're hoping for -- for Bandit and his people -- makes an appearance soon. This sounds like a really tough situation.....

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Welcome to Cyberhound. Your love for Bandit is such a wonderful thing to see. Bless you for all you are doing for him.

I've never had this problem, so I can't offer much advice, but I wonder if you could try crating him or keeping him in a smaller enclosure during part of the day where he can see you but where he isn't under foot. This way you know he is safe while other things are going on.

Please keep us updated as to how he's doing.
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