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I have just recently bought a basset hound, he is only a week old and not home yet but I would like to know what people do to train their dogs to possible be hunting dogs or anything else that a basset can do. They seem to be extremly smart dogs and I would love the chance to see what my Bruno could do when he was old enough......Anyone with ideas or tips on how to make this possible I would greatly appreciate it.....Also I have a topic in the general catergory and Im looking for tips on how to generally train my puppy and what to do with interaction with children and cats........Thanx so much..Brunos mommy and daddy!!! :)
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well my first question to you would be where are you from? i can't tell from your profile.than i could put you in contact with someone who could help you with field/hunting training. Is your pup from current trial/hunting stock? this is a big help when wanting to do this activity.
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