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Information for following symptoms ..dishcharge of blood from dogs willy..

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I'm posting this because it may be useful to anyone looking up these symptoms as we had it in our dog over the weekend I got no sleep and was by my dogs bed allthru the night googling symptoms but none of the symptoms he had exactly fitted any one turns out that he actually had had worms I'd given wormers prior a month I think it was and had forgotten about that. I thought maybe it was a tick or maybe he'd drank or ingested a poison my mind was all over the place and the vets were closed etc. So for anyone out there let it be known that there's many different varieties of parasites worms etc that you'll not always able to match or find specific symptoms to your dog etc..all I can say is that if your dog is ever very sick and you can't find out why CHECK YOUR DOGS POOP .It was like something of alien what I found in it. Rest assured he is all better now ..He is like a different dog today healthier than I've ever seen him but the night before I was even thinking he was gonna die his stomach was making weird convulsions he was shaking groaning it was awful...he would wee and the wee was clear but then he'd have a drop of bloody discharge.Absoloutly terrifying.
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