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Info on intervertebral disc disease

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We did some internet searching on this so we would know more about Bogie's condition. I know some of you have had the same problem with your Bassets. Since Bassets are a "chondrodystophoid" breed (selected for a genetic form of dwarfism) they are at greater risk for developing thise disease. This is a great site with info we found. I thought I would share it with you.
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If you have not aready do so I would also suggest the Canine Intervertebral Disk Disease Prepared for The Dachshund Club of America, Inc. by Patricia J. Luttgen, DVM, MS Diplomate, American College of
Veterinary Internal Medicine, Specialty of Neurology. Denver, Colorado

FWIW dachshunds have the highest rate of problem with IVDD from the link above
Analysis of the frequency of occurrence of disk disease within particular breeds shows that standard and miniature dachshunds are at the highest risk of all dog breeds followed by Pekingese. Approximately one in every four dachshunds will have some degree of disk related problems in their lifetimes. The age of incidence for chondrodystrophoid breeds is highest between three and seven years, as opposed to eight to ten years for nonchondrodystrophoid breeds.[/b]
Thanks, Miket T. I'll check that site as well. Bogie fits in the age frame, he'll be 5 in April. He is better today, can get up on his own now, tail wagging, holding head up, and not hunching his back. He is perfecting that "digusted look" when having to go back into his crate after a potty run. :)
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