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Infidelity and Betrayal

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Okay, so here goes the tale:
As many of you know, Francis is my almost 11 year old basset who went blind at 5 years old from canine glaucoma. Although he's still utterly independent in terms of activity he's always been a real "kling-on" when it comes to other people. I work 3-13 hour days a week and I tried hiring dog walkers but he would never even get off the couch, let alone out of the house, when they came to get him. Total, absolute refusal so I would give up and more dog walkers.
A couple of months ago I met a dog walker up at the park who Francis seemed to like (she always carries biscuits and his bionic nose picked up the scent), she was very responsive to him and seemed to know how to handle him so I hired her.
It's been very successful. On the days I work I come home and he's nicely tired and that spares my painful, swollen nurse's feet a long walk. Lorraine (the dog walker) says it's been great and Fran seems to be enjoying the time out.
Well, last week, I got called out of work (yippee, low patient count) and since it was too late to cancel I decided to let Fran go out with Lorraine while I did some cooking.
So early afternoon Fran and I were playing tug of war outside with his "Baby" and he was having a blast.
Until the interloper pulled in.
She gets out of the car and calls, "FRAANNCIS!!"
And my precious little "kling-on" drops the toy, runs over to the van, and jumps in...with nary a glance backward. The little betrayer just settles into the seat and SEE YA!!
So much for 11 years of care through good times and bad. All that time, love and money and he drops me like a bad habit for the cheap thrill of a ride and a walk.
Nice, Francis, nice....
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Aww! The pain of parenthood!

That story is just priceless :lol: Francis is quite the character isn't he! LOVE it!
:lol: What a cute story! :lol: Being blind sure doesn't slow Francis down! Isn't it wonderful that you have found someone he can trust.
Lucky Francis! And I love the story. Glad he is having such a great time with his walked.
Nice story, Bev! :lol:

They're not always to be trusted...

Steinar, Emma and Doris
Nice story, Bev! :lol:

They're not always to be trusted...

Steinar, Emma and Doris[/b]

maybe he did it to get more treats from you. Very smart!

LOL, that's a cute story. I know ours would be the same way. Food is #1 and we are a distant 2nd (at best).
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