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Francis is 6 years old and had a lipoma on his back for the last 5 years. About a month ago, the thing started growing, doubling in size almost overnight. It was weeping and smelled weird so over to the vet we went. (I swear as soon as we walk in the door my vet starts ordering new office furniture and decorations)
Well, His Majesty, had a whopping infection and it cultured out some strain that is NEVER seen in dogs, only cats.
The vet surmises that Franny was scratched by a cat but we don't know any cats and he's never outside by himself so God only knows where it came from. He's a doozy, that dog.
So, hundreds of dollars later, we're in the middle of twice a day wound draining and twice a day Clavamox and since we also got a stern lecture about how he's 5 pounds overweight, I'm trying very hard to slip him the Clavamox into his meals and not in the usual hunk of cheese!!!!
Oh, and by the way, this comes hot on the heels of my brother stating that I was in danger of becoming a "Cat Lady" about my dog. (I'm 50, single, a little get the picture :D )
Everything's fine now.

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I don't know, Beverly - there are times I wish I was single with only a dog. They are so much more open to suggestions than a 4 and 11 year old boys and a 37 year old man(giant kid!!). They are quieter, cleaner, they don't talk back and they love you even when you are mad at them (which is never for more than 30 seconds). Geez, now that I am thinking about it, can Shyla and I come live with you?
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