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In seach of the Christmas dinner -

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As so many of you others, I mainly keep bassets for the annual Christmas hunting for wild turkeys.
It's not only a tradition, but it's a necessity to get food on the Christmas table. With Emma & Doris
specially trained to track down turkeys, it's not even to be characterized as hunting - it's more like

The hunting must happen in the middle of the longest night, the night between the 21. and 22, and
preferable in moonlight. Everything was perfect this year! It's not any snow so far, but it's so much
rime on the ground and the trees, so it's going to be a white Christmas anyway.

Emma & Doris ready for the great turkey hunt:

There we were in the deepest forest, looking for wild turkeys
With the strength of the darkest night & the beautiful moon
At the sound of the first birds gobble, we were heading for him
With the storm and the night around me, Doris & Emma took off
With the day break came the conclusion -
we're not finding any turkeys

We were looking for turkeys in the strangest places
There wasn't a stone that we left unturned
We must have tried to follow more then a thousand traces
But not one was leading us to the Christmas dinner
With the day break came the conclusion -
we're not finding any turkeys

Finally we had to give up, no Christmas dinner this year either - like every year before........

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Guess they'll have to settle for ham- :lol:

The frosty trees in moonlight photo is beautiful!
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Maybe next Christmas?

Beautiful trees, by the way.
Beautiful pictures of your girls! Thanks for sharing! :)
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