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Hi everyone! My little gal seems to be in heat since last week. Her symptoms are an enlarged pee-pee and drips of blood here and there. She has become very lazy in the past week or so as well. Is there anything I should give her or is all normal..she seems to want to be inside and sleep- only goes out to poo and pee. (9 mos old)
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OK I am not an expert BUT my Daisy just finished her first heat and I was freaking out too. All I can say is swelling is may get much bigger and the bleeding will get worse the second week or so. We went to PetsMart and bought a velcro diaper for her and she hated it but it stayed on despite her best effort! That way she could still get on the furniture and not make a mess on it. Hope this helps some. By the way...towards the end of week three Daisy's breasts got knots on them and the vet is gonna check her out again in two weeks so we are sure it is just normal. Just in case you see these kind of things you know ahead of time...

Nice DIaper huh? The cat as you can see...thinks Daisy is NUTS!
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Thank you so much. I just don't like to see her uncomfortable. The diaper looks like a wonderful idea. Thanks so much.
My baby girl!!

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What a beauty! She is a wonderful looking Basset! Are you going to be bereeding her? I just am asking cause I just read the article about mammary cancerous tumors and the increase in a dog that is allowed to go into heat. It says we should get our dogs spayed immediately if we are not breeding her. It frightens me cause Daisy just finished her first heat. I am taking her in two weeks to get spayed and we are getting a rescue dog for her to have a companion!
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