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I'm Worried About Rusty (Long)

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For the past week or so he's been reacting to something. The cartiledge inside both ears is fire engine red and hot! Also, when I separate the fur on the neck his skin is also really red. I thought it might be some chemicals the lawn service used to spray around the lake where we walk. Well, I've left him home one the walks for the past few days and it's no better. Some times it seems to calm down and then Boom, it flares. He's still eating and very playful but scratching his ears. I think they may have yeast but I don't think that's causing the red cartiledge?? I feed him Eagle Pack Duck & Oatmeal. This morning I got a bag of Eagle Pack Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon. My Husband thinks it must be food related. I;m beginning to think so to?? I also stopped using the Peanut toothpaste thinking maybe that is it but I've used the same toothpaste for about 1 year and I brush his teeth everynight?? THe last 3 nights I just used water??THere isn;t anything else?? I'm really stumped. Tonight I put Preparation H on his inside ear flaps to help calm things down. I will make an appt with the Vet for Friday. THat's the next day she is in. I don;'t care for the other vet. He is my baby and I;m worried about him Has anyone experienced this in the ears??
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I've not experienced what you describe, so I can't offer advice, but I did want to offer my good wishes to Rusty. I know how worrisome medical issues can be. We'll be thinking og Rusty & hoping all turns out well.
Amy & Spencer
Have you given him a benedryl? Can you talk to your vet before Fri?

I hope he feels better very soon
I forgot to add that I've been giving him Benadryl with little results. I will call and see when Dr. Joyce is in but I don't think it's till Friday.
I am concerned as well---but---it does not sound life threatening and the Vet will probably indicate the same--we all hope.
I am still worried about you walking in the area of those slithering large lizards that have very large teeth!
Murray had a reaction to Advantage a couple of years ago which resulted in inflammation and terrible itching- the vet gave him a cortisone shot and it had an almost immediate effect- Murray can only tolerate Frontline so we use that even though I don't think it's as effective as some other products-

edited to say: he had used Advantage for a year previous to his bad reaction with no problems
Thankfully the inner ear is okay, not great but okay. His ear cartiledge and skin are loaded with yeast! Of course, the Vet really doesn't know why. She is partly blaming the high humidity here in Florida, along with the fact that he is very wrinkly and drools alot! She also suggested I switch to another flavor of toothpaste instead of peanut just in case.

He came home with tons of meds! I had to make a chart to keep it straight. 2 oral antibiotics, 2 ear creams, and special shampoo. $$$$! I am glad we took him. Thanks for all the kinds wishes. He is normally not a fan of the Vet's office since his rock surgery so we took Nillie with us. It really helped! She is such a happy girl, he was actually wagging his tail at the staff! He stuck very close to his niece who offered great comfort and support to my boy!!
Poor Rusty! :( I bet his ears are really bothering him. Glad you were able to take him into the vet today. Sending lots of healing drool for your sweet boy! That's nice that Nillie was able to be a comfort to him today.
Hope Rusty feels better soon, I absolutely adore his cute face!

I hope Rusty gets better. Fred is sending lots of healing drool his way.
Though all the meds are a pain, we're glad to hear it's nothing serious! :) Having a friend around always makes scary things a bit more bearable!
I'm so glad Rusty will be OK. Those yeast infections can be awful and flare up so quickly. Get well quickly, you handsome guy!
Obviously I missed your post abuot him going to the vet. I'm glad you found out what it was. Meds are such a pain. My hubby always makes me do the med whenever either of our dogs needs them.

Aye aye ayiiii! Vet bills and vet meds are so killer expensive!! Just went through something similar a couple of weeks ago with Francis and I'm still reeling from the tab>
I hope Rusty recovers quickly!
Rusty is doing much better. Thank You for thinking of my boy! :) His ears have calmed down quite a bit. His skin is still very red. He's on an oral anitbiotic, oral antifungal, 2 ear meds and medicated shampoo. He needs bathing twice weekly and on the meds for 3 weeks to make sure it's gone.
Glad he is going to be OK
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