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I'm thinking of buying a new car

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I'm thinking about getting a more basset friendly car, and I found this at an auto dealer. It seems like a perfect car, do any of you have this? And what's it like?

It's 3 seats, so it's place for Emma and Doris in the back and me in the front:

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Steinar, you must get it, it's so "you"! :D

Can the back seat fits both Emma and Doris?
I won't buy it before both of them tested it, just for quality control. :D

It looks fun to me for a day drive on summer time!!!
Wow!!! That's a real foreign car :D
Does it have pedals, or do you stick your feet through holes in the floor? :D
Wow Steinar!! Very cool !! Is that car a Norway version of a mini-cooper. I think U would love it in the summer! Do U have a second car for winter? Happy to be a slave to Tummy Boy
I emailed the pics to a friend who knows and loves everything about unusual cars. Will let you know when I hear.
Doris and Emma put their feet through the holes while Steinar does the driving. ;)

Talk about a "mini-van" Is that a Mercedes emblem I see?
Those eight legs aren't long enough to move that car very far!
Dozer really likes to go driving. He was the breeders favorite and started going on rides at 5 weeks. Digger gets sick, so now neither gets to go riding much.
This is our ride, I'm getting a cage for the back for the dogs when I take the top off. Easier to clean out when Digger gets sick.
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Here's the 411 on the Emma & Doris mobile. My car friend says he's driven one and it handles very well.

Here's his description:

it's a Messerschmidt. Made in Germany from 1950 to 1961, it had a 2-stroke, 191 c.c., one-cylinder engine producing 10 horsepower. It had a top speed of 62 miles per hour, and got 50 to 70 miles per gallon. The weird thing about it was, to go in reverse, you turn the engine off, then turn the key to the opposite side and the engine would run backwards, making the car go backwards. It handled 2 passengers, the rear passenger sat tandem with their legs around the driver. The top was hinged to the side, and opened
like the lid on a casket.
From the front, it kind of looks like a basset! yvonne
Regardless of WHAT the car is it is truly a BASSETMOBILE and that's what I'm calling it.
Lucy say's "let's go for a ride....Aroooooo!!!"
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That's too funny! :D

On this car the two passengers in the rear sat besides, and the driver alone in front.

My cousin once borrowed a Messerschmidt from a pal, and the first models had no reverse at all. His friend had made a garage not much bigger than a dog house, where he normally would push the car into during nights. My cousin drove into it, and couldn't open the roof, because it was too tight. He then tried to back out, but couldn't find any reverse. He had to sit there and beep the horn until someone came and dragged him out :D
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