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I'm sooooo embarassed...

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Moose was nuetered yesterday, and I've been keeping him very quiet, so he doesn't hurt himself roughhousing with Bo.

Well today 'things' just didn't look right, too 'big', I thought, So off to the vet for reassurance.

Well, he informed me that was very normal for a male basset to get that way..which was ALL he had to say.

But Nooo, he gives me the whole basset birds and bees talk, so to speak, from beginning to end, in a very graphic manner, so that I understood everything. Much more information than I needed to know. :D

I should have just posted my concerns on Cyberhound. sheesh.

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same thing happened to me after I got Tarquin neutered...I asked the vet if he was sure he got everything (geez :oops: ) and he laughed and said yes...that is normal....I told him I'd never owned a male dog before and he laughed again and said he kinda figured that..

Course...had to say it with the vet techs standing in the room...

an older gentleman once remarked about Biscuit "why that's prostate trouble just waitin' to happen!" :shock: :D :D :D
Gosh, I'm glad I didn't have to experience that. I would be sooo embarassed, I might turn as red as a 'boiled' crab. :oops:
When we had our retriever Rudy neutered and I picked him up the vet told me that his incision was a little crooked, he wanted me to know in case anyone noticed ,he also went into a detailed discription. When they brought Rudy out he said look and see what I am talking about. Well as we are looking a couple walked into the waiting room and looked at us like what are you looking at. I quickly made my escape.
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