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Well... we're moving to Australia soon, maybe December, but it's too expensive to bring all of our animals across the country, the Pacific, and through quarantine, so we can only bring one pet- our one year old english bulldog , Matilda. We have to leave behind four goats, one of which I'm thoroughly attached to (Thorn, three months old). :( :( :( Two guinea pigs, which I have personally kept in my room for the past year. I've put a lot of time and money and energy into Romeo and Hamlet, but I have to give them away. :( :( :( We also have to leave behind, LUCY, our basset hound that we've had since she was a puppy, but is now seven years old. We have to leave her behind because it's more expensive to take animals with health problems... and she has tumors all over her. (They aren't cancerous, just a sign of old age). But we're not selling her or putting her in a shelter, we'll just have to keep her here with someone while we're gone. The other animals we're selling and/or putting in shelters :( :(

So this is really depressing, while at the same time I'm excited about moving to Australia! BUUT... we're only supposed to be gone for 15 months, and then we can come back home if we want. My older sister has a scholarship at her college where we live right now, so she won't be going with us, and it's possible that we won't have to get someone to watch Lucy, and Lucy could just stay with my sister in her apartment or wherever she ends up staying... That would be awesome!

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