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I'm new...

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Hello, I'm Desiree. I've been on the hunt for an active Basset Hound forum, and I hope I've found one ^_^

We have two Bassets...

This is Rosie when she was a puppy:

And this is Rosie today at 19 months old:

This is Barney as a puppy. When we got Barney he was recovering from a near death illness:

This is Barney today at 17 months old, and doing very well:

And here is a couple of our Hounds cuddling...past and present:

Happy to be here, can't wait to see everyones Bassets.
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Welcome... I'm pretty new here as well.
Welcome, what an adorable pair!
Good looking hounds, welcome!

welcome!!! the pictures of your dogs aren't showing up on my computer :( but i'm sure they're beautiful!
Welcome! Barney and Rosie are adorable! Love the snuggle pics!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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