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im new here

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hey everyone. i am new here. i just got a bassett hound in september. her name is little fat, and she is probably the love of my life. she is a gemini.just 5 minutes ago, she actually barked at the door to go outside to the bathroom. this is a miracle, as i didnt think she would ever pick that up. she is extraordinarily talkative, and has to have the last word in every conversation we have. im going to try to post a picture of here up here, but if it doesnt show up, ill try again.
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Absolutely adorable. Welcome!

Welcome, she is a cutie. We just got our second Basset on Mon her name is Claribell.
She's a cutie! How did she end up with her name?
SHe's awfully cute. Welcome! Yup, housebreaking and basset hound often get the term "miracle" applied when used in the same sentence.
she was supposed to be named jaden, but when i brought her home i just noticed myself calling her "my little fat" and it seemed to fit her personality much better too.
She's very cute! We use the term "little" as endearment too.

Janice and little Ruby

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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