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Hello, one and all!

My name is Bob, and I'm the man servant of an 11 1/2 month-old basset person named 'Flash'. I semi-rescued/adopted Flash on August 1st when his former servants were forced to relocate to another city where their new apartment complex wouldn't permit dogs over 20 lbs. .

A month prior to adopting Flash, my 14 year-old Lab-mix, Sadie, had gone to the Rainbow Bridge, and my pal Grover (a Chow/Golden mix) and I were a bit lonely. Our vet knew we were considering adopting a new friend and also knew about Flash's situation, so he took the liberty of mentioning that he knew someone who could give Flash a new, loving home (complete with a canine pal) and asked permission to contact Grover and I; they immediately agreed to the suggestion and, to make a long story short, we arranged a meeting/play day for the next day.

Flash and his servants arrived on time and introductions of both the human and canine variety were made. Flash immediately rolled over on his back for Grover, peed two little squirts on his belly, permitted a lengthy sniffing and licked Grover's face. Withing 30 seconds, Grover and Flash began to play, run and wrestle. The rest, as they say, is history...

I've never owned or been around a basset before, and I must admit that what I 'knew' about the breed was mostly stereotypical TV/movie stuff. How wrong I was! Flash is not only energetic, but he is the most charming, personable and loving little guy I've ever met. Grover agrees, although he is currently still 'training' Flash in the ins and outs of being a 'big dog'.

Any way.... howdy!

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