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I'm getting old.

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I think senility is setting in. Last week I was at work as usual, and suddenly realized that I didn't remember bringing Sally inside before leaving home in the AM. We don't allow our dogs access to the yard unless we're home - coyotes, trespassers, etc. I really started to panic........thank goodness I was able to reach my Dad who ran over to check. Of course she was inside with Rocky and the kitties as usual. Checking where everybody is prior to leaving the house is as automatic to me as locking the doors, but I could not shake the idea that I had left her out. Am I losing my mind?? :eek:
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No. Middle Age is The Pits. Welcome to the club.
That is normal at any age. It probably has more to do with stress than anything else.
I can't seem to remember if I remember or not!
Thanks for the comments, everyone. The stress part is probably true, things have been crazy lately. As for the middle age, there are more symptoms surfacing. I was really tired and cleaning up from dinner - I discovered later that I had put the butter dish in the dishwasher and a dirty plate in the fridge. At least the dogs will never let us forget to feed them! I will be double checking to make sure Sally & Rocky are inside before I leave. Not much else matters as long as they're safe.
Hey, don't worry about it Marcia. I do those things ALL the time. I have a real funny story about this but can't tell on this forum. In private tho.

Janice and little Ruby
I wouldn't worry too much, I imagine she would have let you know (loudly) if you had forgotten!
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