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Well, I have a few words to say about Emma: (written a few years ago)

Sweet Emma

Emma , sweet Emma, I live through you
as you visit such places so grand...
you see the world from a rather low view,
but we who love you, understand

please know that you are one of a kind
you bring a smile upon my face
just seeing your picture helps me unwind
and puts my mind in a happier place

I wait to hear of your adventures new
Emma, you could never bore us...
I envy your life by the fiords of Norway
where you live with your sister Doris

I love your expressions, so sad and sweet
as I love them in all Basset Hounds
alas distance means we will never meet
but for you, dear Emma, my love has no bounds


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Wow she's big. How much does she weigh?

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Thanks again for the poem, Sandy - I still have it saved! :p

Emma is about 75-80 lbs and long enough to occupy a 3-seaters couch alone....
Her only interest after her hysterectomy is to eat, so she has gained a bit weight
we need to exercise away first summer. ;)

PS: It's not her belly hanging down to the ground, it's just skin....

<span style="color:#009900">The one that drools rules, :p
Steinar - daddy and foodslave to Emma and Doris!</span>

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Steinar, I made changes (improvements, I hope) to my Emma poem, and also to this one. So if you are saving them, these are the final revisions: And soon I will need three of pics from you, for my book. I know exactly which ones I want. I'll let you know...It's coming'll get the first one-hot of the press!!!

Emma og Doris

Mountains sweeping down to the sea
are lovely in their way
But there is so much more to see
when one travels to old Norway

You can stroll thru museums
There's art work galore
view carvings by Vigeland...
but wait, there's more

Fiords that glisten in the sun
like diamonds set in gold
what more could there be
in this land from days of old?

the viking was a mighty man
firece, we all know that
but could he be what really
put Norway on the map?

I think not, for I have seen
this country's finest treasure
they're imports, I know, but how
they give us such pleasure

They're well known to all,
the bassets Emma and Doris,
around the town, and even
deep into the forests

So if you do get to Norway
all other plans you can scrub,
just look for these two basset girls
and give them a belly rub!


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I love the poem Sandy!! And Emma's pictures are awesome as always!! You guys make my day!!
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