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Illinois basset waddle

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Has anyone ever been to the Illinois basset waddle? It is scheduled for September of this year (link below). Also, has anyone worked with Guardian Angel Basset Hound Rescue? We were thinking about adopting a hound from them and decided to wait on it (and he got adopted the next day, I guess that is a sign). They seem like a pretty well-organized rescue operation and want a bunch of information before they even consider you for adoption, but I would be interested to hear people's experiences. Also, if you're going to the waddle this year Rosco and his family will be there!

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I am the volunteer coordinator with ABC Basset Rescue in NY, but we work very closely with GABR. It is probably the best run rescue I have interacted with. They have a great network of volunteers, foster homes, and previous adopters. We have taken a lot of leads in how we run ABC from GABR. Larry, the chair of GABR comes to our waddle every year and a our chair goes to theirs. He is a very nice guy and incredibly concerned with the dogs, fundraising, and overall success of every adoption and the rescue organization. So I wholeheartedly support any adoption from and support of GABR.

In a few weeks they are having their yearly auction, and I will be going. :)
Yeah I was thinking about going to that... my wife works in Springfield and I go to school down in southern Illinois, and we had talked about a kayak trip to my area that weekend... but a basset auction might be cooler.
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