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I'll get that broom

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Dozer was having a fit over the broom, so I moved it into the livingroom, and he went nuts.
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I was once visiting my parents and had left Biscuit's leash on, for easy recovery. :blink: :blink:

All of a sudden, insane barking and howling and ruckus! broke out --- Biscuit had managed to wrap his leash around the vacuum cleaner and it was following him wherever he went! Oh, the trauma! :lol:
The same sort of thing happened to Francis when he was a puppy. He jumped up on a small table and the phone came down on him then he got the cord tangled around his legs so when he tried to run he got all tripped up and to this day he gets all rammy and nervous when the phone rings.
My new phone was cordless.
I played that video three times! Daisy searched the whole basement looking for Dozer!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
I just played all of your video's and Ruby was looking for the dog! Is Dozer always the barker and the instigator of fun things? I sometimes use the outside straw broom to "sweep" Ruby back into the house when she won't come in. :p

You have a huge property; where do you live?

Janice and little Ruby, who's whining like crazy now that she's heard a basset......
Is Dozer always the barker and the instigator of fun things?

You have a huge property; where do you live?[/b]
Dozer is always trying to get Digger to play, and he's a little more active than Digger.
We live in a small town northeast of Denver CO. The hounds get about 6000 sq ft of room in the backyard (in the winter), and have a dog pen that takes up about 1500 sq ft of it. (when it's garden time)
Dozer always provides us with such great entertainment. Keep the videos coming I truely enjoy them.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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