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If you're around Portland, Oregon

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If you're in or around Portland, Oregon, Fergus and I would like to invite you to this event. My husband's nursery, Joy Creek Nursery, is located in Scappoose, Oregon ( and they're hosting a dog day on August 14. They'll have games, contests and a class about making your yard dog-friendly or dog-proof (depending on your perspective). Everything is free, but they're collecting cans/bags of dog food for the Colombia Co Humane Society.

Anyway, Fergus and I would love to meet you! Plus, I think some of the events might be a little skewed towards a basset winner and Fergus could use some competition.

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Sounds wonderful! Wish we lived in Oregon (for more reasons than just this lol) so we could attend!!
What fun! I wish we could attend, too, but I hope you post pics and tell us all about it after. :)
Please take pictures for us! I wish we were near so we could come too! Hope you have a blast!
Oh man! We will be out of town (camping & working a rodeo) that week shoot! Take lots of pictures & we will be there for round two! PB did come in 3rd place in the puppy dash so she's definitely a competitor! ;)
that is sooooo cute! Very good advert! wish i could come! wish i had a yard...and a house to decorate LOL
Fergus, you are sooo cute! and what a poster boy you make!

Worm is bummed to miss this dog event (he loooves dog events!) as he will be in "yuhsemmittee." have a fun day and tell us all about it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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