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OK Helen, I guess I'm the one who you think should apologize, but don't hold your breath waiting for it, and here's why.
First it appears by my calculations that the first time you bred Gracie, she was not much more than a pup herself (unless when you got her at Xmas 2003 she was several months old)as her pups were born March 2005. That is not responsible breeding. I don't know when her second litter was born, but I do know that you stated on another basset forum that you were thinking of breeding her again as you think her eye is so special.

I can't imagine that you wrote out a spay and neuter contract when you sold these pups considering you yourself think it's fine to breed,and if you work out just how many pups will probably result from your two breedings, (eg your buyers breeding either intentionally or by mistake, their buyers breeding, and so on and so on) in a few short years it will probably add up to thousands!

Then we consider what will happen to the majority of these pups. Many will end up being the objects of cruelty and ultimately end their lives prematurely in shelters.(and the method of euthanisation is not always humane) search the archives for 'irresponsible breeders the movie'. BTW this video was not made by Peta, and was used by the president of the Humane Society when she was trying to make this form of execution illegal. or go to both will break your heart.

I love animals and for that reason alone I would never breed. As for those who think it is wrong to challenge someone who breeds in this way, I must disagree. If by reading this it makes just one lurker or member think twice about breeding, then many hundreds or ultimately thousands of dogs could be saved from a life of cruelty and ultimately a premature death
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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