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If the shoe fits..

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As a fairly new member, I love this forum. I truly enjoy the photos of all the beautiful hounds and I have made contact with several members who helped me tremendously through my recent loss. I have posted issues and concerns and I love to read all of the helpful replies.
However, it seems as though some may take it a bit far when it comes to responding to an issue or concern. Nobody should feel attacked or intimidated or hurt by someones reply. This has not happened to me personally, but another member did mention to me they felt uneasy. I think the board should be helpful to all of us but it should also be fun and relaxing. Does anyone else agree?
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Yes I totally agree. I don't come around here often but during the times I do I don't recall anyone being rude to anyone.
i felt attacked on my thread when toby had colitis. i felt it was being implied that i was a bad owner or didn't care about him because of when i was able to get him to the vet. i felt kind of judged yet i didn't post a lot of the circumstances. no hard feelings though i still love coming here and have gotten a lot of great information from some of the more experienced members :)
I agree with you mydawgz!! I am sure that we all care about our hounds and sometimes some might come off as rude or mean, but it is all coming from a caring place from the love of our hounds. Not everybody handles a situation the same, it is good that we have a place like this to ask questions or just tell stories cause we all have a hound and know how they are.
Nobody should feel attacked or intimidated or hurt by someones reply
It can't be done. Some people are offened by inocculous comments and take personal response that are made when the response was general and not specific.

People have been offended by comment that were intended to be humorious not because the comment was inappropriate or attaced but simply because they misinterpreted it. In this world there are way too many beople that are just looking to be offended IMHO it is more in the hands of the reader rather than the writer whether the choose to be offended or not.

i felt it was being implied
I rest my case when one has to infer they are being attacked they can just as easily do the opposite It does no one anyone good to water down advice because someone might infer they are being attacked.
re: Mikey T.
I have to disagree with Mikey on this topic. Words are powerful -especially in a "forum venue" when body language is unknown and can not be used as a tool to express oneself, therefore the verbage/tone must be interpreted by the reader. (this can be difficult since we do not personally know eachother)

A comment might be delivered as innoculous from the writers perspective but the reader may not interpret the material as it was originally intended.

If a comment is a direct response to a specific post and it is disected word by word, then I do not consider that to be "a general response"- I consider that to be a specific reply by an individual to a specific concern/issue posted by a specific individual.

I think it is highly unlikely that anyone is "looking to be offended" in this type of venue.

I dont think "watered down advice" is necessary for anyone, but maybe we can skip to the point on some subjects and avoid lengthy dissertations.

I respect the opinions expressed by Mikey and everyone here. We all love our Hounds and we all share that common ground.
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