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It sound to me rather than boordom from a lack of mental stimulation you have a dog that simple need more physical exercise than you can provide currently.

Dog parks and Doogy day care are oneway to get that extra physical exercise with like minded dogs.

Games like fetch (most basset do not natural retreive so the game because a game of pitch and get with only the human involved) and tug of war are high energy burners that require much less effort on the humans parts.

If you thing tug will create/encourage aggresive behaviors see Tug of War

and [URL=""]To Tug or Not to Tug: Seriously, That's Still a Question?
In 2002, a study was done to determine whether or not playing tug increased the incidence of aggressive or "dominant" behaviors. The researchers concluded that tug games had no negative effects on the relationship between the dog and human.
Have a dog that does not tug See


from clean run magazine feature my "Macey"

Tug It Training Toy
Tired of trying endless ways to teach your dog the wonderful game of tug? Finally there's a training device to teach a dog to tug that makes the process both fun and easy! The Tug It! is made out of nylon/polyester mesh so it automatically delivers food reinforcement as the dog clamps down on it. The harder the dog mouths the toy, the more food reinforcement the dog gets.
If your dog has a high prey drive (likes to chase moving objects) but is not a retrieve the Chase it dog toys are an excellent choice.

If you are still in need of further mental stimulation check ot this variety of Interactive Games
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