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ibuprofen in dogs?

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Just a quick question. Sami had to have her nails trimmed today. They were cauterized in June while she was having surgery. We were told they would be tender when trimmed for several months (after the fact!). I wanted to give her some ibuprofen but can't remember the dosing (I know it in kids!)Do any of you know? She's a 50 pounder- Thanks- Wendy
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Ibuprofen is not generally recommended for dogs. See Ibuprofen Toxicity.
Post-op Francis's ophthalmologist, our beloved Dr. Greentree, prescribed Metacam for his pain management. It's really worked well and it's specifically for dogs.
My brother was almost ready to talk about euthanizing his golden retriever because she was becoming incontinent from the pain in her joints from horrible arthritis. It was heartbreaking. He broached the subject with his vet who advised giving this Metacam a chance and Boy!!! what a difference. She's as mobile as a young dog and it's a joy to watch.
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