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I wonder if this Basset got savaged when the PitBull got bigger!!!

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A friend sent me this video of a very young Pit Bull "playing/chasing" a lovely Basset Hound and I wonder what happened in the two years that this video has been on YouTube.... I wonder if the Pit Bull savaged the poor Basset as it seems pretty wild at the small size in this clip so goodness knows what happened when it got fully grown!!! :eek:

I just don't understand why people want to own these dogs, or Staffies! I was at a 'fun' dog show a couple of weeks ago to accompany a friend and there were loads of Staffies and a lot of them were snarling and scrapping with each other and all of the other dogs were perfectly well behaved and quiet, but many of these dogs were having to be restrained by their owners!

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I don't see why one would assume that the pit would grow up to "savage" the basset. I once fostered a pit, he was a very sweet dog and was never a problem with any of the 15 bassets I had at the time. The worst problem I had with him was that he wagged his tail so hard he kept injuring it. I met him again as a senior and he was just as nice.

FWIW, lots of terriers at the shows are scrappy - scotties are the worst in my experience.
Hmm... Our first basset Savana grew up with a pitbull for a best freind. They were both the same age when we got them and the pitbull was owned by a very good friend of ours. They were together every weekend and they played to no end. She loved him dearly and he was a big marshmellow. Just because it is a pitbull does not mean it is going to be mean and nasty... a great deal of that has to do with breeding and who is raising them. They are very nice dogs actually when raised right. No reason to think that this dog would suddenly grow up and terrorize the basset or anyone for that matter.
I'll echo what others have said. It really depends on how it was raised/bred. My husband's cousin has pit bulls that are sweet as pie. One of my co-workers also has a pit bull whom has it's k9 good citizen award and is a registered therapy dog and makes visits to my school. Now of course there are some that are down right mean and nasty...someone on this board has had their basset attacked by pit bulls, but it all goes back to how they were raised/bred.

I owned a pit bull growing up and he was the sweetest dog and played very well with other dogs. He was very gentle and obedient. It really all depends on how a dog is raised. Different breeds have different energy levels, which I am sure you know.
Bassets and Staffies getting along really depends on how they're raised. I've had Penny now for over three years and aside from a few issues over treats she's been really good with Noonie and Buddy. She certainly has a higher energy level than the boys, but that just goes along with the breed.

Side note: Penny was diagnosed with a Mast Cell tumor in Jan and just finished her last round of chemo. So far so good.
One of Snickers' dog park buddies is a Pit. She is absolutely sweet! It does depend on how they are raised. I have seen lots of sweet rescues as well. It's a shame how they got such bad reps...
the puppy i found outside my work is a pit mix. him and toby love playing. he is the sweetest dog, abandoned by someone who probably beat him, and he just wants someone to love him. but a very sweet dog.
My best friend has a Put Mix puppy named Norah, and Norah and my Josie love each other. It's all about how you raise them.

Norah is so sweet.
One of Snickers' dog park buddies is a Pit. She is absolutely sweet! It does depend on how they are raised. I have seen lots of sweet rescues as well. It's a shame how they got such bad reps...
That's good that there are some nice ones around but there are some of those Pit Bull types owned by what some would call 'chavs' and they certainly don't keep them to make them sweet natured and you're right, it's how these animals are brought up because they're not born vicious!!!
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