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1. Are they hard to train? Yes, if you want a dog to train, buy a Doberman, Rotweiler, Riesenschnauzer or a German Shepherd.

Are they stubborn or aggressive? They could be stubborn, I've one of each kind. But I've never come across an aggressive basset, that's not their nature!

2. How bad do these things smell? What can you do about it? Will the whole house smell like dog? If the dog is healthy and they get the propriate food, they don't smell.

3. How bad is the shedding? Do all Bassets shed differently? Is it seasonal? Is there anyway to
deal with it? They shed - almost all the time. Vacuum every day

4. Aggressive behavior- Growling at you. I don't like that in a dog. Growling at you when you try
to move when you're sleeping or around food or bones. The book mentions a dog that will bite you in the face if you try to move it in the middle of the night. This is not basset like at all!

5. Eating everything, especially rocks. I've seen quite a few posts of this. I find this
unbelievable. They eat rocks and then require surgery or die? This is not common, I've heard about some few occations. It's probably something a dog of any breed could do.

6. Lazy during walks? You actually have to pick them up or drag them home? Mine could walk in the forest all day, we've been to 10-12 hours walks in rough terrain. But they have problem understanding why they should walk around the block....

7. "Butt Bonding"- The basset likes to sleep with his butt in your face, while passing gas.Mine rarely pass gas, it's a food problem if they do.

8. Eating poop?- Jesus, make it stop. Peeing in your bed, nice. Poop eating is normally a puppy behavior, I also had a rotweiler who did that.

9. Bed time- they actually need a ritual to go to bed. And will wake up early and bark/howl. This
can't be trained out of them. Mine will sleep until dragged out of bed like lazy teenagers.

10. Drool? Some dogs drool more than others, but you'll find puddles on the floors and stains on
the walls? Mine don't drool, but they need to be dried after drinking water and eating, like you and me.

11. If the above is somewhat accurate, why on earth would anyone get a basset? Having a dog can't normally be justified logically - but you'll love them, I'm positive!

<span style="color:#009900">The one that drools rules, :p
Steinar - daddy and foodslave to Emma and Doris!</span>
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