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I've had a life long affection for Bassets and in the last few months have started to research the breed. I was a little surprised to read how important it is to find out if a Basset is right for you. I was floored after reading Diane Morgan's "The Basset Hound Owner's Survival Guide." After reading this book I was sad to realize I do not want to deal with this dog. Now a few weeks have gone by and I still feel that desire to get one or two.

I've got so many questions I'm not sure how to ask besides numbering them. I feel awkward about asking some of these, but I don't want a couple of bassets needing rescue which would in turn depress me and I'm only responding to the book.

1. Are they hard to train? Are they stubborn or aggressive? Are they aggressive? I keep reading about how sweet natured they are.

2. How bad do these things smell? What can you do about it? Will the whole house smell like dog?

3. How bad is the shedding? Do all Bassets shed differently? Is it seasonal? Is there anyway to
deal with it?

4. Aggressive behavior- Growling at you. I don't like that in a dog. Growling at you when you try
to move when you're sleeping or around food or bones. The book mentions a dog that will bite you in the face if you try to move it in the middle of the night.

5. Eating everything, especially rocks. I've seen quite a few posts of this. I find this
unbelievable. They eat rocks and then require surgery or die?

6. Lazy during walks? You actually have to pick them up or drag them home?

7. "Butt Bonding"- The basset likes to sleep with his butt in your face, while passing gas.

8. Eating poop?- Jesus, make it stop. Peeing in your bed, nice.

9. Bed time- they actually need a ritual to go to bed. And will wake up early and bark/howl. This
can't be trained out of them.

10. Drool? Some dogs drool more than others, but you'll find puddles on the floors and stains on
the walls?

11. If the above is somewhat accurate, why on earth would anyone get a basset?

I'm not sure why the post has formatted the way it has. It's not like that on the edit screen.

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Watching my pup eat a banana is the funniest thing I have ever seen.. things like that make it all worthwhile.

I appreciate all the info.
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