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I will return!!!

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Hi Everyone of my Basset Pals: Mom says I have to write today to say I'll be out of touch until August 27th or so:mad:! She says she has stuff to do tomorrow and is leaving on Thurdsay for her trip. I wanna go too. That stinky old suitcase is out and sisters is too and they smell like odd places that I never went to.:confused:
Anyway I'll be thinking of all of you and wondering what basset adventures you are up to.
Esther, no more poops and barfs on your parents OK?
Booms get ready and practice for the Labour Day parade remember you haf ta look like a dalmation!
Molly McF no fighting with Winston and stay calm!
Annie stay out of the garden or you'll be in a pickle.
Hank keep on doing your amazing things you impress me every time I read about you.
Basset Twins watch out for the gators and play inside ok?
Dop and Virga start practising your dance moves so you will fit into Vegas.
LAST But not least WWorrmmie!!!! Please, Please stay safe and don't let the bears get ya. Your very important to me and I wouldn't want to loose you!!!! To a bear or umm other girl!

Mikey T your in charge of all the gang -- so keep them in line Okay? I'll miss you too.
Mrs. Bubbad and Ms Soundtrack you have the biggest job off all -- keep Mikey in line !
Miss ALL you guys
Love Pais
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We'll miss ya Pais :) Tell your momma to have fun on her trip and bring you stuff!
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