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Hi all, it´s Max. I was naughty to :rolleyes: day and Mommy said that I should "reflect" on what I did after getting out of doggy jail. I thought that I would be creative so here goes:

Auntie is visiting and I want a yummy treat
Are those NEW nike sneakers?! I´ll eat ´em off your feet!

I know it's wrong
But they look alot tastier than my kong

I don´t care how tight they are laced
I´m gonna tug ´em off and have a taste

Quit fidgiting and don´t try kicking
I´ll let you know when I am done nibbling chewing eating and licking

The leather smells delicious with my wet nose
Now they are filled with slimy doggy slobber and there are lots of chew marks on the toes

Sorry Auntie, but stop by again whenever you like
Oh, and wear more new sneakers that have the word nike

Well, I hope at least Mommy gets a chuckle and doesn´t put me back in doggy jail today!
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